Getting 'Unstuck'

If you get stuck while working in CIRS and want to exit, you have two choices:  call the help desk at the Office of Technology Services (OTech), formerly known as DTS, at 916-464-4311 and ask them to cancel your TSO session on SY3, or exit using the ATTN (attention) key.


The second option, using the ATTN key, is the preferred method because calling DTS takes time and your jobs may continue executing, and generating costs, without your being aware of it.  In order to use this option, your emulation keyboard must be mapped with an ATTN key, and you must logon to CIRS using MULTSESS.  


To exit CIRS:


To cancel a job executing in the online environment:

The ATTN key cannot be used to cancel jobs submitted using batch execution.  To cancel a batch job, call the CIRS Hotline.


For instructions on mapping your keyboard, refer to your emulation software's documentation.  For instructions on logging on with MULTSESS, refer to your CIRS User Manual.