Custom Files

Custom files contain data that is available exclusively to a particular campus.  These files can be used as a 'stand-alone' database or as a cross-referenced file which is automatically joined to other CIRS files.  The custom files can also contain campus specific fields that are available when the standard defines are executed.   


For example, Fresno has developed nine custom files for ad hoc reporting which reside on CIRS.  The files contain information such as department name, mail stop numbers and workload assignments.  These custom files were created using existing decode defines.  


There are several methods of developing custom files.  How each database is incorporated into CIRS will depend on several factors, such as how the data is entered into CIRS, the frequency of updates and frequency of use.  If the data is to be manually keyed by campus personnel or uploaded from a campus PC on a regular ongoing basis, HR-ISA would develop a subsystem within CIRS to accomplish the task.  


In all cases, campus personnel would be solely responsible for any manual or automated updates to campus databases.  HR-ISA involvement after development will only be problem resolution.  If your campus would like its own custom file(s), call the CIRS Hotline, or send an email with your specific requirements to  


To access Custom Files, put your cursor over that phrase on the main menu action bar and press enter.  Note:  This action bar item is only available if your campus has custom files.




To access a file, or a description of a file, type your selection at the cursor on the Custom File menu and press enter.   For example:



| 2  1. ASSIGN7 FILE - 25                |

|    2. DAILYNME FILE - 25               |

|    3. DEPTPHONE FILE - 25              |



Note:  If an option has an asterisk instead of a number, that option is not available to you.


For more information, refer to the following members in the common library: