System Messages

Whenever you build extract files for ad hoc reporting, or use batch execution to generate reports, or create hold files for downloading purposes, the system generates messages to inform you of your job's status. Checking these messages is critical to the success of your ad hoc reports. Below are some common messages you might receive, along with an explanation of the message.  If you get a message that is not listed, or have any questions, please contact the CIRS Hotline.  


Your batch or extract job completed (ended) without system errors.



Your batch or extract job has completed, but exceeded your space allocation.  Contact the CIRS Hotline for assistance.



The ad hoc database or compendium report you are trying to access is being recalled from magnetic tape to disk storage.  The recall can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on system activity.



The ad hoc database you are accessing in the online or batch environment is password protected.  It does not mean you are restricted from accessing the data.  



The report request or command you executed contains a syntax error. If the message is displayed in the online FOCUS environment, you can view a detailed explanation of the error along with a suggested solution by typing ? and the error number at the prompt.  For example:  >  ? 003.  Otherwise, refer to your FOCUS documentation for a complete list of FOCUS error messages and solutions.