Using Masks and Wildcards

Masking and/or wildcard characters can be used in your table requests to retrieve records without having to specify each selection value or fieldname.  

Mask ($) - To Select Specific Records

The dollar sign ($) is used to mask corresponding characters in field values, so they are ignored.  Masking is frequently used in screening statements to retrieve a group of records that begin with the same character. For example, you could use a mask to select only those CBID values that begin with R (represented employees):



PRINT ac:wname
if ac:CBID eq 'r$$'



Additional notes on masks:

Wildcard (*) - To Select All Records

The asterisk (*) is a wildcard that can be used to display all the fields in a single path file. The wildcard command is frequently used to verify the data contained in hold files.  For example, to display all the fields in your PERMLRG hold file without specifying each fieldname, you could execute the following commands:


TABLE FILE permlrg




Additional notes on using wildcards:


Refer to your FOCUS documentation for additional information on masks and wildcards.