Online Applications

CIRS provides three online applications:  IPEDS, MPP Job Code and Seniority Points.  These applications allow designated users to adjust information on the CIRS system and then use that data to generate reports.  Only specific employees at each campus are provided access to these applications. Generally, there is one primary user and one alternate user for each application.  The CIRS Security Coordinator at your campus must authorize access per the CIRS001 form.   


Note:  Various emulation boards and software produce ’garbage’ on some screens within the Online Applications.  This is due to some incompatibility between the emulation software and FOCUS.  If this occurs, ignore the garbage and continue entering data as normal.  Do not use any other function keys except the F3 key while updating.  Other keys may force the termination of the update function and prompt you with a >.  If this occurs, type FIN and  press the enter key.


To access the Online Applications,  put your cursor over that phrase on the main menu action bar and press enter.




For more information, refer to the following topics:  


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